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Dieter Stipe’s introduction to metalworking began long ago at his father’s shop. It was there that he became familiarized with tool making and metal fabricating. “I grew up around the machine shop , but the art projects began as a part-time hobby making pieces for my mom and her friends.” During this time, Dieter worked a full-time job pouring concrete, which he described as stable, but not something he wanted to do for the rest of his life. It was when he started taking his designs on the road to art shows and farmers markets that he began to realize his newfound work’s potential. As pieces sold and word spread, it wasn’t long until he found himself taking orders for all sorts of designs, including custom pieces. The attention eventually led Dieter to design several structures for Sheboygan’s Bookworm Gardens and a public art piece in Menomenee Falls, along with countless more business and private residential garden pieces. Now, Designs By Dieter’s work has its own shop producing metal artistry that can be found all over the United States.


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